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Originally Posted by zzoo View Post
After spending a day thinking about the trade, here's my take:

- Cole is known for a slow starter. He under-performed again in this early season, but I think he will eventually play better.
- Cole is tougher and hit harder and more than Ryder. While Cole doesn't produce, he may create some chances for other by going to the net, or cause the opponents to take penalty.
- Ryder is unidimensional player. Without scoring, he may be useless.
- People, me included, usually are excited about an arrival of a new player. That fact may affect our trade analysis.

Hence, I conclude that if looking strictly at the on-ice performance, I think that Cole is a better hockey player than Ryder. Therefore, Habs lose slightly on the hockey aspect. In short term, I think Dallas is a better team with Cole, than with Ryder. That may be the reason that Dallas give us a 3rd pick.

However, if considering the draft pick and the contract situation, then Habs win a bit.
In brief, this is a very fair trade as opposed to some people thought.
When both are on the top of their game, Cole is the superior player because he will crash the net and throw the body around.

What we need to realize, however, is that the Habs now have Prust, Gallagher and Armstrong that will go to the net and hit, on top of already having Pacioretty, Gionta and newly emerged Eller and Bourque that will do the same. There is an abundance of that skill set on the team. They do lack a sniper, with a quick release, that can shoot and pick corners from anywhere. Pacioretty is the only one, Galchenyuk will be one in the future. Cole couldn't shoot or pass worth a damn, Ryder brings that aspect.

That is my look at it, as a one for one. I'm not even considering the cap space saved and 3rd rounder obtained. Those just put this over the top.

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