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02-28-2013, 08:02 PM
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Originally Posted by HersheyHockey View Post
I feel for him as a human being. It sucks he's had all these problems and isn't what he used to be anymore. Any sane Islander fan seven or eight years ago would be horrified to look into the future and see what's happened with him. But it's over. He needs to learn to accept that. And it's absolutely ridiculous he's creating this sideshow out of himself by saying things like what he said today.

If he's really serious about the suicidal thoughts issue, I hope he's seeking help. That's both outside of and more important than hockey. He has plenty of good years left once his playing days are over. But as I said before, I think addressing this in the media today the way he did and then backtracking as "being facetious" couldn't be more of a wrong way to handle it.
I feel for him, too, but given what likely is ME!ME!ME!ME!ME!!!!! saying it, it'l likely the Boy Who Cried Chicago Wolf displaying his massive ego.

I get my way.....I get my way or I sulk.....I get my way or you'll all be sorry.

Remember his sulking.....when Oz came on board? When he had that brief call-up from Bridge? He's likely being just a tad bit dramatic for the woe-is-me factor, and some fans are posting poison control numbers, quoting WebMD, subscribing to Psychology Today, calling suicide hotlines to get game info....

Snow's monitoring it. DP is gonna play in a lower league and do his best I hope, but he refuted the suicide thing, it's reporter drama earlier and now it's back to must-see-TVinternet.

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