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02-28-2013, 07:31 PM
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Originally Posted by sa cyred View Post
Hmm by this logic though, what if you increase the value of both. Would you say its a good investment to trade say a 2nd round pick for a 12th forward? By this logic, that would be a good trade since that 12th forward is an NHL player and the 2nd hasnt played in the NHL yet. But in today's NHL though, teams dont trade 2nd round picks for 12th NHL forwards because value wise they are not even, EVEN when one has played in the NHL.
I think it is pretty obvious the difference between these two situations. I said in a previous post (possibly even one in response to you, I don't remember) there are situations when a pick is more valuable than an NHL player. Some of those situations include the obvious high pick for low end player. I don't think trading a low end pick for a low end fringe NHLer is the same thing as the example you gave.

Another thing to look at is the situation of the team. Chaput was never going to play for the Flyers. They had a number of centers, all better than Chaput. He was going to be dealt or he was going to walk for nothing (or possibly stick around and just never play here, outside of an emergency call up if Giroux, Couturier, Schenn, Briere, Laughton, Cousins, Talbot, and Wellwood were injured). Something the Flyers didn't have was an enforcer that could actually play. Sestito didn't pan out, at 23 years old, Tom Sestito put up respectable numbers prior to the trade (32 points in 46 games in the AHL). I know people don't like the enforcers, but having a guy with a different skillset, is of value to the organization. Sure, the Flyers could have held on Chaput and maybe be trading him now for something more valuable than Tom Sestito. That is 100% a possibility. But at the time (you know, without hindsight) it was just as likely that at this point in time Chaput would be of the same or less value than he was then. Even getting a sixth round pick for him originally, and hoping he some day makes it to the NHL, doesn't seem like a better choice than a guy putting up respectable numbers in the AHL and having NHL experience.

If you don't understand that or think that I am wrong, please explain why because maybe I am missing something or not explaining this well enough.

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