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02-28-2013, 07:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Rafa Nadal View Post
****, I envy you, PS3 owners.

**** you, EA. This is all your fault. You signed a contract with the wrong league. You were better with your MVP Baseball series. 2K was better with their NFL 2K series. Microsoft Studios should've at least continued their Inside Pitch franchise since 2K only had the third party rights to MLB games.
EA and 2K definitely got their licenses mixed up there.

NFL 2K was so good as was MVP. Where as Madden is a disappointment every year and MLB 2K just outright blows and the developers don't seem to care.

IDK what happened to 2K. On Dreamcast and PS2 their games were amazing for all 4 sports and even their freakin Tennis game was good and I don't even follow tennis. Then the NFL license gets bought by EA, the NHL game declines after 2k6 and gets buried by EA's and MLB has gotten worse every year since 2k5 and is about to be put out to pasture too.

Their NBA game has been the only one that's stood the test of time and is amazing gameplay wise even if the Online and roster updates(quantity not quality in this regard) still face issues.

If and when MLB 2K finally stops production, I hope we see a return of MVP, High Heat or Inside Pitch so X-Box owners have a baseball game.

Originally Posted by Big McLargehuge View Post
Same...though it took me longer. At least 75% of the reason I bought a PS3 last year was because I missed playing a good baseball game.
The Show is really the only game I play for it, and I'd probably put that being higher than your 75% as the reason I bought the system.

I have Twisted Metal and had LA Noire (but beat that quick and traded it it). Last year I bought NCAAF for it instead of X-Box just to have something else to play on it.

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