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Originally Posted by Jussi View Post
The 70's and 80's were still at the height of the Cold War, both sides spared no chances to give their sides an advantage in sports (blatant favoritism of Soviet athletes at the Moscow Olympics could be used as a counterpoint if some one really wants to start digging). People need to except that fact and stop making such an issue about it. Stuff happened, both sides were guilty of it, move along.
Soviets didn't have many home ice opportunities to even things up, if you will, as far as hockey events are concerned.

What you say is true about the (summer) Moscow Olympics. But those were different sports.

In my opinion, the Soviets were foolish to accept Canada's terms and play in the Canada Cups, which would have otherwise had little prestige. For this reason perhaps they deserve their just desserts. Well, not the players.

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