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02-28-2013, 07:50 PM
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their are obviously two styles of fans

on the flyers board. and i bet their are two styles that go to all the flyer games at wells-fargo. style 1,, the aggressive traders. the guys that have their list of guys who are available from us players-picks. they have the ability to rattle off names of guys they want to land, subban, john carlson types of guys. and i bet they operate their fantasy teams the same way. then their is the other style, old school guys. guys that trade less and only trade if what they receive is great than what they give.and in certain draft years, picks are flexible, more valuable in drafts with good depth and less valuable in weak drafts. as an organization we trade picks in any draft year. we dont seem to put a premium on picks in good draft years. and i fall into the old school category. if we want weber,john carlson,subban then draft them. carlson. we traded umburger for a pick, traded the pick to the caps for steve emminger, of all people. letting carlson slip away from us, and to the caps. the good news for us is we have upgraded our scouting staff, added another dimension. we are used to nailing home runs on forwards and wiffing on dmen. we drafted dmen as well as the new england patriots drafted wide receivers. but having a guy like chris pronger working on drafting dmen, that is gonna greatly increase our chances of winning the cup.

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