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02-28-2013, 09:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Jacques G View Post
+ I had vodka

- I no longer have vodka
+ Jaques

Originally Posted by Wes C Addle View Post
Worst showing of the year. Or at least a tie with the islanders game.
Same dog-**** play, different arena. Although Carolina is definitely a more balanced team than NYI. They're not as bad as some people think. Got a bunch of guys off the injury list today. Tlusty... I don't know where TF he came from. All of a sudden they have a guy who notches a two goal game every week to add to their top lines.

Originally Posted by 66-29-33 View Post
Has anyone noticed that when Pens play bad, they STAY bad the whole game? w
Yes, and it is the sign of a team too comfortable with itself IMO. Contrary to what Kayla is saying below I actually think the problem is, these guys are too full of themselves as a group. That starts with the coach undeniably. Those attitudes always come from or are reinforced by the coaches. They know in theory they can score 3 goals in 3 minutes flat against anyone. The problem is they don't acknowledge that it's a rarity and most of the time they just score 1 goal and end up losing. Tonight they didn't even do that.

This team needs a shake-up and soon. Guys need to start fearing for their jobs again. Hockey is cyclical and we're at the end of the cycle where everyone is too familiar and relaxed with one another, and too confident they can overcome anything despite they fact they never show any urgency until it's too late. The coaching staff, Orpik, Kennedy need to go at at a minimum. Maybe Niskanen too. The always-calm Disco approach is not working for this team. Sometimes you need your coach to have some fire in him, show a little emotion without going Full Torts... Bylsma never shows any emotion. That's not good. You need a balance.

Originally Posted by KaylaJ View Post
Some of these teams, even if they're not winning every game still look like they're having fun. The Pens go down one goal they see a mole hill as a mountain.

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