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02-28-2013, 09:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Habbybirthday View Post
I agree with the first statement. He is a goal guy. every team needs one. he scores goals, that's what he does. Put the puck on his stick, and he will give a wicked release.

However this year, his assist skills have really shined. I don't want to go pull up stats, but when he wasn't scoring at the start of this year, he was assisting like childrens help phone.

Put him with galchenyuk? I like that it's interesting. What I have liked from galchenyuk in recent games is his attempts to dangle. We need someone who can dangle, Datsyuk like. And he shows early signs of that. Galchenyuk can get the puck to someones stick in un-likely situations, that being said. A dangler/shooter with a thourough bred shooter (patcioretty) would be dangerous.

At the end of the day though. I think you will see patcioretty emerge as a star of the nhl in the next year or two.
not bad.

You're absolutely right though. Patches is out goal scorer, we don't need him to be anything else. Anything more from him is a bonus. He is a pretty good playmaker but his bread and butter is north-south speed, great shot.

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