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Originally Posted by Sec108 View Post
Pretty gutsy effort by the Spits.Not your usual W/L matchup but what can you say about Aleardi again.That kid is a work horse.Should have had a Pen.Shot oh his breakaway IMO.Could have changed the game.

A couple of bounces their way and Spits could have had a win.Seemed like ref's were looking for anything to get london back in the game when it was tied.Officiating wasnt bad but london had the edge that wasnt called.

Bone head move by Bilke looking for a fight at that juncture of the game.

Not diappointed though the boys did the best under the circumstances.

But if i was london i would be very afraid.with the playoffs very near they should be firing on all cylinders but they look quite boring on most shifts.I believe Locke and co. have a very good shot in that first round.Dont count Saginaw out for sure.

I predict London will not win the OHL.

Agree with most every thing you have written
my take on the game after a poor 1st period,gutsy effort,officiating definitely favoured the Knights not surprised,Aleardi actually drew 2 penalties on that breakaway when he hacked by Domi coming out from his own net,then hacked by
Horvat should have been a penalty shot especially 5 on 3 no balls ref
Lucky goal by the Knights to get the go ahead goal,then the PP goal on the call on Bilcke,that late in the game and 3-2 bad call
Terrible call on Vail to give Kniights 2 man adv in the 2nd,Spits dont get 2 man adv all nite
Hey with 7 guys out to 3 for the other side a predictable result,the stripes ,just helped the cause along
Nice game by Graham,picked up an assist,its his last game till his team is knocked out
He had 2 assists last nite for Stoney Creek in a 5-2 loss

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