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02-28-2013, 09:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
tough call...

late-20's and he's "struggling" (obviously still elite talent/skill, but not dominating the way a player as skilled or as highly paid as he should).

strong rumors/indications of a less-than-stellar approach to conditioning (which can only contribute to a steeper decline as he hits his mid-30's, if not sooner)

an aggressive/reckless style that does make eventual injuries/concussions a concern

a 9.5M$ cap hit for 8 more years

that's a lot of ?? marks, and even if he is "struggling", his value to the Caps from a marketing pov is still massive. They won't be dumping him for anything less than a high-quality return.

all things considered, I'd probably have to pass... or make them an offer they'd likely refuse.

Mtl 1st

(or Eller & our 2nd instead of DD/1st)

don't think you can send Gionta out if you're bringing in Ovie... locker room-wise you'd want him coming into some stability, and while he may not be vocal i suspect Gionta contributes to the seemingly positive environment they have going this year.
why is Eller worth more than DD?

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