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02-26-2013, 07:20 PM
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Originally Posted by dma0034 View Post
1. Just because you invested high picks on secondary doesn't mean you don't have a need there. Drafting Milliner would allow the Bills to run an effective Cover 1 or Man that would allow the D-line and LBs to focus squarely on creating pressure, stopping the run, and eyeing the TEs (which is why they desperately need better LBs).

2. Just because every single draft has 1 or 2 starters doesn't mean that one that is rated highly isn't a bust. (It allows matters greatly on where you go and what scheme is used). Drafting a QB in the first round at 8 is not only a reach but a waste on potentially getting a game-breaker and drafting a QB in the 2nd (Wilson, Glennon, Nassib, Manuel - one of them will be there). Barkley and Smith are the 2 best QBs in this draft.
1. There are plenty of good CBs in free agency. We can address our needs there. The Bills philosophy of Drafting cornerbacks and safeties in the first the last 7-8 years has worked wonders for the team.

2. Ok. Every single player has a chance of a busting.On who will be the best QB we will see. The Bills need a good QB. No position matters more. I think Geno Smith and Nassib will both be franchise QBs. I'll take my chance on finally taking a QB for once, since all of our 1st round picks that we have used on these supposed "game-breakers" in recent history has simply not worked for this team. QB has been the one constant weakness and I'm praying Marrone and co. Realize that is the most important need. None of these players in this draft are elite potential HoF prospects. Every analyst has said this is one of the weakest drafts in years and that there isn't much of a difference between #5 and #20. I'll take my chance on a QB then take a chance on another similar level prospect.

Originally Posted by BK Triple Threat View Post
Smith? PASS.

He was great the first half of 2012? His bad as the Mountaineers season. The Big 12 hs no defense, so to me it speak volumes.

Before 2012 I would have said Jones or Barkley is a consensou number 1. Barkley?? UHad a decent season but injured that shoulder. Jones had a sub par season
Smith is the consensus #1 QB. I laugh about the Big 12 not having any good defenses. That's not true. If a guy has 3 years of starting exerience with 97 passing Tds and only 21 picks during that time frame I'd gladly draft him at #8. The guy has back to back 4200+ yard seasons. He had 42 Tds and only 6 picks last year. He limits his turnovers and can pour it on at any time. I'm hoping beyond all hope that somehow he makes it to #8, but it won't happen. I'd even give up a 4th this year and a 2014 3rd to move up a few spots to guarantee him. Nix said he isn't averse to trading up for a QB, Hoping it actually happens.

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