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02-28-2013, 10:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Who cares?
Pittsburgh went on a complete tear without Crosby with Malkin leading the way, in the previous years. Should they keep Crosby out?
Same can apply here, it's not because we're winning with PK as our 5th Dman that it should remain as so.

PK is doing those little things just as good as in the previous years.
But you're right he is staying away from things he did last year..

When was the last time you saw him join a rush?
When's the last time you saw him dish out a crushing hit?
When's the last time you saw him get in the opposition's face?
When's the last time you saw him draw a penalty because of him getting under the skin of an opponent?

The kid looks like a sheep out there. He's such a skilled young player so he still looks great out there, but I don't recognize the PK I watched over the past two years.
Now, maybe that's PK deciding to change his ways, but after looking at the holdout from management, the very cheap deal offered, hearing what Therrien said and looking at how he's being utilized, I can't help but feel this is coming from the management group.

You can look at our record and say it's all good. That's fine. But it doesn't mean we wouldn't be even better with PK playing more. We had no problem having PK play a huge part on our PK last year that hovered around #1 and #2 all year, as well as the previous year. Give him more minutes there, maybe our PK would improve. Give him a little more ice time at ES instead of giving it to Emelin that looks confused playing on his off wing.
that's where you're wrong.

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