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02-28-2013, 10:30 PM
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Originally Posted by swimmer77 View Post
Meh. Is that what your bank account thinks too?
If I got paid based on beer league production, I'd be doing just fine... what's the point?

I don't think that poster is totally out to lunch whether it's Gandler, Walsh, a poster or the Easter bunny.

At one time players were booed at their home arenas if they were disliked for whatever reason and it ended there. In this day and age - perceived reputations can spread like wild fire across the internet.

And I don't find it totally out to lunch that fans follow players that mirror their own personalities (user names) even if it's subconsciously. There's definitely a style of player that entertains me more than another. As a whole I surely appreciate the team sport. Heck I quit following hockey for a period of time because of all the goons and fighting. Today's goons don't bother me because it's more controlled.

But whatever - it's about the guy that wore red who is still wearing red. LOL When Semin leaves Carolina and all the Brouwer like comments come out of their lockerroom I'm willing to revisit the notion he was a cancer. But really not until then especially with this dysfunctional team.

What's particularly scary to me though is that players end up feeling like a Rick DiPietro. I'll get my digs in on a player but hate is a feeling that never enters my mind when speaking of a professional athlete. There are definitely worse things in this world to hate.

End of rant.
Don't actually care about any of this.

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