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02-28-2013, 10:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Alklha View Post
Still very early, most of what I've heard so far is pretty predictable. We like Kenny Vaccaro, Eric Fisher, Lane Johnson, Chance Warmack & Jonathan Cooper, only expect Cooper & Vaccaro to be available at 16. Hopeful we can take both at 16 & 22.

This is where it gets a little strange for me... Tavon Austin is the highest rated WR on our board apparently, ahead of Patterson. If the draft was tomorrow and both were on the board at 22, it wouldn't be a lock that we'd take either one though.

Then we have Alec Ogletree. We really liked him before what happened, now it is up in the air. No chance at 22, I doubt he's still on the board at 46. Things might change in the coming weeks, but they'll certainly talk.

If Ogletree was to fall to 46, there is a good chance we don't take a WR until the third round. I have a few names in a Skype conversation that we are interested in for the later rounds, I'll look them out and post tomorrow.
Not questioning any of what you are saying, but are you connected to the team or do you have a friend who is?

Don't mean that to sound snarky, I'm genuinely asking. Pretty cool if you are.

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