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Originally Posted by Et le But View Post
I do think that without giving anything up, eating that awful contract is an interesting gamble. Part of the problem with Ovechkin is he was given keys to a franchise based on his marketing power more than his leadership. He developed under Boudreau's no defense run and gun team, and by the time they tried to change it, they already gave him the "C". McPhee is also a terrible GM who knows talent but not how to build a team, and the Caps have consistently been one of the most heartless, soft teams in the NHL.

You put Ovie in a different envionment and who knows. I mean look at Semin right now, for all the attacks he got, he's working his *** off in Carolina.

It's a very big risk and I wouldn't touch that contract and also give up any asset, but if the Caps get desperate enough to dump that's an interesting gamble. He's still an offensive beast, even if he's been found out. I'd rather give that money to Perry or spend less money in another skillled winger, but Montreal could be the kind of wake up call OV needs.
i don't think it's that much of a gamble; the guy loves to play hockey, wants to perform, but his current environment is quite poisonous imo and counter productive. i don't think Ovi is C material, and probably the wrong move there.

Montreal defiantly needs wingers, especially big strong wingers. We have patches.. and gallagher as our core wingers, with gallagher being a surprise and quick addition to this teams core. Except for them, who do we have? aging gio? ryder? bourque? Since we let go of AK and Cammy, we haven't replaced them adequately, in terms of production. We need more depth on wing, and at least 1 big D (hopefully tinordi pans out) and we are starting to look for real.

But, now is not the time to go after a player like Ovi, his contract is very heavy. to trade for him will cost us pieces we cannot afford to give up: promising/semi-nhl ready rookies/prospects and some picks. We are not in such a position, nor is our prospect pool overflowing that we can afford to slim it down.
MTL is still in "rebuild" phase, even if we are top of the conference. Best indication of that was to trade away Veteran winger/contract in Cole and added yet another draft pick. The trade was quite obvious a downgrade (even if Ryder is producing better then cole) for MTL at wing, with purpose of making ourselves safer cap wise for the near future.

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