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02-28-2013, 11:04 PM
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Originally Posted by TallPoppySyndrome View Post
Was just reading back threw the Around the league thread and seen it speculated that Canucks gave ROR an offer sheet, It is not like MG to give an offer sheet that would have been matched unless, he was trying to do something like he talked about with weber, a 1 year deal that to try and get him to FA.

Any way I thought I would throw some wild speculation out there...

MG dose Colorado solid, by forcing the issue of offer sheet in order to get ROR to sign. This was obviously a cap friendly deal that Colorado would match or as happened pushed anther team on an offer, this gets ROR signed.

Reason... Well ROR could have been the peace that needed to drop in order for a Lou deal to go through.

Any takers?
The rumor was debuked by Gilman.

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