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Originally Posted by PALE PWNR View Post
I don't think anyone can joke about something like that without the thought crossing their mind at some point in their life
The reporter is a dbag who drummed up the DiPietro quote in order to get more retweets and more press.

Anyone who hears the actual quote/interview can't seriously think that DiPietro considered suicide.

The reporter asked "Was there a point where everything wasn't fun because of everything you were going through?"

His full quote was "There's been times where I thought about driving my car into a tree or off the throngs neck bridge. I've had a lot of dark times. Luckily for me I've had a great support system, I have a great wife." Then he laughs and says "She's been like the drill sergeant through the whole thing, you know? Stay strong." And then he continues on.

It's pretty clear he was trying to show how important his wife is and not that he actually considered suicide. Generally people who are actually suicidal don't talk about driving their car into a tree.

But beyond that, this reporter is a total jerk. Either he realized that DiPietro's quote wasn't to be taken literally and went ahead and tweeted that Dipi considered suicide anyway in order to get himself some more press, or this guy legitimately thought DiPietro confessed to him that he considered suicide and then the reporter didn't ask a single follow up question about those dark times, but rather moved on to more probing and insightful questions like "Do you think playing down here (in the AHL) will help you focus more".

I'm more inclined to believe that this reporter isn't a total idiot and realized DiPietro wasn't to be taken serious and therefore didn't ask any follow up questions because he knew he had that little quotable nugget that would get him tons of retweets and quotes in national media articles.

But that's just me.

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