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03-01-2013, 12:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Epictetus View Post

Someone viewing child pornography and taking personal satisfaction in it does not harm other people. It's the creation of child pornography, or child pornography itself that harms other people.
Do you not see the logical disconnect involved to actually believe viewing child porn doesn't harm people? It harms children immensely! If perverts weren't watching and downloading child porn, there'd be no market, thus no production. Flanagan was totally off the reservation - a reference I'm sure he'd love - and his comments are extremely offensive.

I'm still totally blown away that anyone would even consider this a logical argument. The production of child porn involves the sexual abuse of children. Someone taking personal satisfaction in viewing it is a party to the sexual abuse of children, not even accounting for the immense long-term mental damage caused to the children forced to participate in it. How is this not registering?

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