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Originally Posted by Pinkfloyd View Post
You keep saying this and yet you ignore the fact that Seattle did the same damn thing and is right in the running for a team. You need to stop misleading people. NBA won't give a damn if Sacramento files a suit trying to keep their team.

You do realize it is within their power to reject the sale at that meeting, right? Why would the NBA give Sacramento the March 1st deadline for a proposal to keep the team if it was a done deal?

There is no NBA deadline on the Kings. That was a self imposed deadline by Kevin Johnson.

The NBA cares cause it would be the courts telling them who they can or can't sell to. The NBA has the right to choose who they have as owners. The NBA has leverage here. If there is a lawsuit here the NBA will defend Maloof's sale to Seattle's group and it won't look good for sacramento. As soon as NBA approves the sale to Hansen's group its over.

The two seattle lawsuits didn't do much in preventing Bennet from moving the team. Seattle's lawsuit over the lease was settled and schultz's lawsuit was dropped.

Only legit reason as too why NBA would say no to Seattle's offer if there was money issues and there is no money issues.

If NBA says no to seattle's offer then they will create an unprecedented issue within the BOG of owners telling other owners who they can or can't sell too when comes up to them wanting to sell the team.

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