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03-01-2013, 12:50 AM
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Originally Posted by RollTheBones109 View Post
Some Leafs fans also think Kadri is a bust and that the Habs are a terrible team. I wouldn't consider the opinion of a few loudmoth fans on an anonymous message board as anything substantive.

Phaneuf is an excellent defenceman (advanced statistics back this up, as do basic statistics, or just watching hockey), and is a huge part of any success the Leafs have had. Not saying he is a true #1 guy or anything, but he certainly doesn't suck.

Was just stopping by to say good game, but I wanted to clarify that what some Leafs fans think doesn't indicate anything about reality, unless you're suggesting we are all that smart and realistic?

Habs played a really solid game. I disagree with the 5 minute call, but the Leafs didn't deserve to win so I can't be too upset (and the officiating was pretty messy overall, don't think it was tilted). I have to say I like the way Gallagher and Galchenyuk played. Hopefully the Leafs can respond to this loss to the Habs like your Habs responed to the last loss to the Leafs, Toronto could really use a run (and I know you're all pulling for us ).

Cheers, and congratulations on the success so far!
I think its a case where the bar was set high. I mean, he made an immediate impact with the flames, and he was flashy with his body and his offensive prowess. It was easy to assume that he was just going to keep getting better and turn into not only a #1 d-man, but also a star.

It turns out that he may have peaked early, but that is not to say he's a bad d-man, he's just not what he was hyped up to be. Its kinda like jay bouwmeester. They are different players but they are both guys who are reasonably effective, but do not meet the expectations bestowed upon them.

I often think that not meeting expectations or hype on this forum automatically means the player is not good.

Anyways, good hear a somewhat rational objective. Don't give us too much credit though. We have plenty of our own fans that make us look like ***** too.

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