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03-01-2013, 12:07 AM
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Coming in late to say what an awesome f'in win that was. Late because I was at the game representing hardcore (can barely speak, my vocal cords are spent), chirping back at their loser fans who kept (this is so funny/pathetic) clamouring for Carlyle to put on Orr and I am just rising out of a massive massive hangover that followed.

Wore my Chucky jersey. It put the jealously in their eyes, even got some complementary comments from their non-****** fans when they realized it wasn't a Kovy jersey. Such sweetness. Patch's second goal was so god damn good, both from a nice shot and a huge moment in the game. I think there needs to be a fund to send me to all Habs-Leafs game. Small sample size, but I'm 2-0 (one at the BC, one at the ACC).

edit: oh and just to give you an example of how (I emphasize SOME of) their fans can be such sore loser ****** -- When hanging out in the concourse, this guy standing next to me out of nowhere engages me in a politics debate, telling me (as a potential native of Quebec, which I am, but which I might not have been) to "go back to my own country" and a whole load of whining about how he hate Quebec and how Toronto is the best (not exaggerating, his friend was so embarrassed for him). He came within inches of his life, good thing his friend recognized that it wasn't an internet message board.

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