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Originally Posted by Calculon View Post
Hence the idea of stockpiling picks. When teams rebuild, they don't rely on a single first round pick to do the job - they accumulate as many as they can. They're essentially hedging their bets. If you have three first round picks, maybe one doesn't pan out, but you'd still have another two chances. That's true for any round really.
It would depend if the events are independent of one another. If, for example, you have 3 first rounds and the stats say you have a 50% chance of getting a bonafide NHL player with a single first rounder, you don't all of a sudden have a 150% chance with 3 picks, instead you have a 50% roll, another 50% roll and then another. It's a crapshoot with each pick. No pick by any means "increases" your chances, it only increases the frequency of your current chance.

It's like the free spin at a slot machine. It gives you blind hope

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