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Originally Posted by MasterDecoy View Post
and on hockey central, mclean talked about how hunter told him left because he just couldn't deal with all the ******** that was going on there. i know it's mclean, but still.
i'm not surprised hunter left because of what a mess that org is. Still don't see how you read that (i'm referring to your quote since i haven't seen/heard this discussion you are referring to) as Ovi being "the mess ***** that was going on there "

He might be partially responsible for some of the failures there, but defiantly not his fault the GM hasn't been able to properly manage the team into it's new "system", or his fault for the management and coaching prior to rely and build a system solely dependent on high offensive game play, and overly depending on few key players. Juggle starting goaltenders year in year out.

That kind of talent and skill doesn't just disappear overnight (he's still producing and setting in nicely with ribero, seems to be best move wsh has done in a while). As much as it's the players responsibility to mature properly and work hard to develop properly, it's also the duty of management and coaching to facilitate and help develop and surround such talent and skill. Ovi is no lazy person; tons of energy and passion, handled properly, mixed with his skills is top 5 forward in this league.

Originally Posted by Teufelsdreck View Post
Yes! It would make the Habs a powerhouse overnight. If fans miss having Cole as the RW power forward with 35 goals, think of what Ovechkin could do in comparison. The problem is, how would the Habs pry him away from the Caps without ceding the family farm in return.
Not gonna happen, will have to deal away at least one of mtl's core players (price, subban, patches, and you can add both Gallys now to that list imo) + some pics/prospects.
Just not going to happen, and too bad because these opportunities (if there is one drop of truth to there being an interest of shopping Ovi, which IMO 99% sure he's not being shopped) happen oh so rarely, and this would be best thing happening to habs in a long time

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