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03-01-2013, 02:53 AM
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I don't know if a massive shakeup is needed but they do need something to inject a bit of passion into the team.
At the moment I just don't see the desire to win and I don't just mean in the regular season, in the LA series last year the team had no personality, no drive. I think the only reason they got so deep before was they were fuelled by the bad blood between them and the Hawks then all that happened against the Bruins, niether the Nashville or San Jose series' were particularly exciting and they didn't play that well for either, they did what they needed to and that was it.
What we need is someone who can go out and do this:

Just listen to the crowd!

Funnily enough I was reading an article about Rypper and his last game for the Pats, there was one little snippet that made me love him even more:
Rick's last home Pats game was against Brandon, at the end of the 12-win season. I recall him standing in front of the bench, screaming at his lifeless teammates to show some emotion. He went out and scored a hattrick that night, including the winner, and prevented the Wheat Kings from clinching the pennant.
At the moment we have nothing like that, nothing from the players or from the coach. I remember last season Lappiere and Kassian went out for a couple of shifts and just hit everything in sight the crowd got into it and the atmosphere suddenly jumped up. This season everything seems so flat. We need someone to give the team a massive kick up the backside. It'll never come from AV and the core of the team haven't got the right mentality (As much as I love Henrik I still disagree with him as a captain) even a 4th liner can make a big difference as Rypper showed quite often, if you can find someone who can hit (not neccessarily big hits) maybe Scrap but more than anything play with a bit of passion it can help more than finding 4th liners who can pot a handful of goals in a season.

RIP Ryp, we could really do with your heart in the team right now.

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