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Originally Posted by GrandPapillon View Post
1. Jackman is a fine 2nd pairing defenseman. Calling him one of the best defensive defensemen in the NHL??? Really? Granted, Shattenkirk has a fitting complement for his skill set, he isn't exactly paired with Pronger in his prime.

Barret Jackman is one of the top defensive defensemen in the league! Jackman has long been a player that elevates his defense partners play. Pronger comparison aside(not sure why you went there), he is certainly head and shoulders above Redden, Russell, and Cole.

Originally Posted by GrandPapillon View Post
2. Pietrangelo isn't simply failing to cover for his partner's mistakes. He is making plenty of his own as well. Bad passes, mishandles with the puck, poor positioning. Some may be attributed to being paired with not-the-best partners. However, he was paired in his break-out season with Colaiacavo. Are the options we have this year that much worse than him?

Bad passes, mishandles with the puck, and poor positioning are all things that happen to every top defensemen, in fact, it's usually the top defensemen that are among the league leaders in giveaways. If the team were playing better it wouldn't be as noticeable. The Blues' goal differential through 19 games last season was +7, this season it's -1. The save percentage was much higher as well. That, combined with higher expectations for this season, have Blues fans looking on with a more critical eye.

Originally Posted by GrandPapillon View Post
3. Again, not saying we trade Petro, but I think it is time to reexamine the widely accepted belief that Pietrangelo is head and shoulders above Shattenkirk. I am seeing one player elevate his game and another backslide. Asking Shattenkirk to make 2 to 2.5 million dollars less than a player that he is fairly close in performance to and has outplayed thus far this season is unfair.

I agree that Shattenkirk has indeed elevated his game, as young defensemen often do. However, I disagree with your assessment that Pietrangelo's play can be considered a "backslide". Pietrangelo's defense hasn't been as good as it was last season, but the entire team is in the same position. Team defense has been mediocre, and the Blues have the worst save percentage in the league. By comparison Pietrangelo's offense is much improved(12 pts. vs. 7 pts. through 19gp last season), and he's played over a minute more per game this season than he did through 19 games played last season.

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