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03-01-2013, 04:54 AM
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Originally Posted by davidbklyn View Post
The people who make "dumped by a hot girl" analogies have never been dumped by a hot girl.

there's being happy Nash is gone, and there's liking this team better after the Nash trade. I really get tired of this drum banging for a superstar. Hey, a superstar would be great except oh wait, we had one. For years. He was our captain.

Where'd that get us?

You can be competitive in this league without a superstar. Not saying SC Finals. But competitive and worthy. More worthy than last year's Jackets with Nash (the Nash who asked to be traded). By a lot. Maybe these 3 1st rounders come in next year and set it on fire and we can just sit back and enjoy our hard-earned CBJ fandom. Or maybe they crap the bed with all the pressure and we're stuck with the roster we have now to do any damage. Well, this roster isn't far off, shiny new draft picks or not, and I bet opposing teams would prefer to play last year's Jackets to this year's Jackets. I know I like watching them better by a mile.

Keep hiding behind your superstar with your silly JV comparisons
I want this team to win a stanley cup, not go through the motions and be competitive. Nash was always bashed for his +/- stats, he's +9 right now. Nash wasnt the problem, management who was unable to create a winning environment and put together an even semi decent team was the problem. It was stupid of ownership to let Howson trade you can see, Davidson wasnt very impressed with him either

Maybe you prefer Denial isnt just a river in Egypt

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