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Originally Posted by Pistache View Post
Stastny + ROB + 2nd pick 2013
Mark Stall + Kreider


On another note... I don't care what anyone says, Zannon needs to go for anything anyone is willing to give up. ROB, I don't even know what to say about him, wtf? He was so solid last year for what he was. Now hes just horrible, get rid of him. Who plays like **** in a contract year?

And I personally don't think SOB has been bad, hes been what he is... He came in a little off conditioning wise but I love how he drags the puck out of the D zone like a dump truck dragging a boulder, slow as **** but impossible to stop, hey whatever works... At least hes entertaining and effective at what he does when kept to his role. When he drags it all the way into the O-zone, that could actually be used by the team if we had a coach worth a damn. All he needs to do is dump it into the corner (For a fore-checking forward) or move it off to someone open once he crosses the line. It's called coaching, but everyone still seems so surprised when he does it nothing happens, even when he does dump it into the corner. I mean it's not like he just turns it over normally, or if he does it's usually in the O-zone by that time.

O'Brien is +3 with 19 hits 1A 16:15 AVG TOI and 10 BLKs in 8 games... Hes effective for what he is.

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