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Originally Posted by razorsedge View Post
no. a huge market is LA, NY, Chicago. that's top tier. Maybe lump Phila is that as well.
Washington's biggest hockey star before Ovie? just think about it....think about it...
Peter Bondra?
starstruck yet?

Pittsburgh was such a star city that Mario asked them not to draft him. and then they almost lost their team post-mario and pre-sidney.

is Green Bay a star NFL market?

i watched last night's NJ feed. you get the same thing every time a US city plays in Wpg. the hockey fever wows them. "And the game-day section in the local paper was FOUR pages!!!!! you can see the impact the Jets have on the city every where you go...from the second you land at the airport...."

in the end, it is a niche sports for some americans to watch. those who dig hockey will know who Kane is if the Jets end up making the playoffs. it is akin to east coast fans knowing every minutiae about west coast teams that they rarely see play. doesn't happen.

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