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Originally Posted by Iron Balls McGinty View Post
What does it matter if the league ticks off Detroit? (or any other team for that matter)

What are they going to do? Break away and start their own league? Leave to join the AHL? Take their ball and go home by folding the team? ****** and moan like a 3 year old who doesn't get to buy a toy? If the league says the Red Wings are staying in the West and the majority of the other teams agree, they'll have to deal with it. Its how a democracy works.

If the league has any balls at all, they should just do what is right regardless of the name on the front of the jersey and get it over with. I've yet to see any evidence on why moving Detroit to the East is in the best interest of the league. I only hear that they were "promised" to be moved. There is no way in H*ll moving the biggest draw out of the West is a viable business option
it's better for the NHL to have Detroit in the East than the West. Just compare all the major TV markets in East vs West. Many more in the East. LA is not a hockey market, yes you do lose Chicago, but it's a plus for the league (putting the most storied US franchise in the East vs Pittsburgh, NYR, Toronto, Philly, Boston (sorry I'm not an expert on Canadian TV markets but sure Mtl and others are large).

And I fully expect most of the CBJ fans to do exactly what you say here: ****** and moan like a 3 year old when we don't move East.

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