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Originally Posted by goyotes View Post
The team is gone at the end of the year, most likely to Seattle based upon new conferences. I will feel bad for QC if that happens.
I'm not convinced for some reason. The NHL has shown some conviction over the past four years.

Maybe they think they can make a go of it with improved on-ice performance and a city council and administration that's relatively competent. Who knows really, but I'm not totally convinced. The only reason Atlanta moved was because they were literally homeless.

Originally Posted by Tommy Hawk View Post
You cant really make the comparison they are making. It's like comparing attendance in baseball in July to attendance in April.

If they want to compare apples to apples they need to compare the first 10 games played from January 15, 2012 to the first 10 games played from January 15, 2013. You cannot compare the attendance especially since in October baseball and football are still going on along with basketball where in January the only competition is basketball. Also the weather is nicer and more amenable to outdoor activities.
Agreed on the attendance, but the TV viewership is up as well. Perhaps of course that's seasonal as well.

edit: Yup, attendance for the ten games following Jan 15, 2012 was 12,885, so this year's attendance is an increase of 2% over last year.

1Jan 16 '12COLORADO12,757
2Jan 19 '12DETROIT15,067
3Jan 21 '12TAMPA BAY12,714
4Jan 24 '12OTTAWA8,061
5Jan 31 '12ANAHEIM10,579
6Feb 04 '12SAN JOSE12,979
7Feb 06 '12DETROIT12,687
8Feb 09 '12CALGARY10,048
9Feb 11 '12CHICAGO17,353
10Feb 18 '12DALLAS16,604

At least the freebies are down though!

Originally Posted by objectiveposter View Post
what I find strange is that the cost of the team has remained constant at 170 mill for years now. I have a hard time believing that the revenues brought in after year 1 (plus the subsidies) covered losses to the penny. With the fluctuation of revenues (from deep playoff run last year) , interest, legal fees how is it that the purchase price has remained exactly 170 mill? Even this season...the team will undoubtedly lose some money...lets say 10 mill on the safe side.... is the league going to add that to the cost of the team? or just eat the losses?

If its true that Gary Bettman promised the owners he would get their money back then how is it that after 4 years the losses remain exactly 170 mill total? If the speculation is false and Bettman made no such promise than I dont see why the league cant lower the price to at least 140 mill.
Right, but there's really been no confirmation that $170 million is actually the price. The agreement between Jamison and the NHL was never made public.

If the price is $170 mm then it does represent a haircut taken by the league on prince. Perhaps they want to limit their loss to $30 mm to $50 mm rather than well over $100 mm, as sale at FMV would imply.

Originally Posted by Killion View Post
True enough, yet under astute ownership, can be accomplished. Heres a list of Carolinas' most recent investors along with a timeline & list on others.
That's not change of ownership is it? Just new investors diluting the equity to all hell?

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