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03-01-2013, 08:24 AM
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Originally Posted by BigG44 View Post
You can twist it anyway you want. AHL coaches are the ones most often tapped to be NHL head coaches. When an NHL coach fails, you've got to go somewhere for new talent.

No offense .... but this is just silly logic honestly. How is any different than a good AHL player getting called up to the NHL only to find out he can't hang in the top league. That happens ... all the time. You don't reinvent the wheel because one prospect can't make the jump and never use the AHL development path again.

It's absurd. Of course being a top coach in the AHL is going to make you a top candidate for an NHL job. Yeah that doesn't guarantee future NHL success, but it sure doesn't mean you pause before hiring the next top AHL coach.
It's not absurd. You only have one head coach at a time, you have 18 skaters per game and a goalie. Players can also be sent down, recalled, sent down, recalled, etc. I don't find your comparison a good one.

I know the point you're trying to make, but the nature of the head coach position is such that if you fire a guy who was most recently an AHL head coach who may be somewhat lacking in commanding the locker room (just my take), there's a good chance you want more of a steady hand in his replacement, someone who walks into the job with some clout around the league.

In any case, we can all probably agree that a rookie GM probably doesn't get to make three head coaching hires. That means none of us really know the philosophy of whatever new GM we would have.

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