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03-01-2013, 08:40 AM
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Originally Posted by ColePens View Post
I wish you would at least give credit to Bylsma that he IS preaching the right things yet the players are not listening. It's the players actions that are making Bylsma's job on the hot seat.
That is just so simplistic Cole!
You are going to give Bylsma credit for saying the right things, because he can state that "we cannot take stupid penalties"?
Just the fact that the word stupid is in that sentence means that it is something every person alive can agree to as something obvious. Doing something stupid is stupid. The majority of the time what we hear from Dan isn't even intelligible.... its all about getting to our game. Who the hell even knows what it is now a days, because we have hardly seen the original blue print in action for consecutive games for a couple of years!

Either way, HE is the coach, and if HE never reacts to those players making taking stupid penalties or making terrible mistakes, thus standing him up and putting him in the hot seat, by demanding accountability through his actions, then HE is responsible for the fact that the 'culture of accountability' isn't there!
Indeed, when he (for instance) scratches rookies playing well instead of vets who don't - with regularity - then he does exactly the opposite. He is telling vets and rookies alike that accountability is not an issue.

And as for blaming the players making mistakes, which of course we must also do, then I just have to say that we have veered far away from the system he took over and the hockey that he was himself successful having this team play. It is also possible, is it not, that they are asked to execute a system or a style of play, that they simply cannot pull off?
Our breakouts are HIS. Our constantly flawed defensive pairings are HIS. HE is responsible for the frequently headscratch worthy ice time allocation. HE is responsible for our utterly simplistic and boring style of hockey these days. As the coach, HE is responsible for the room giving a damn and having a high compete level. I could go on and on.
No way we need to give credit to him for his brilliant analysis of what ails us, if his public description of those problems has the intellectual force of a 3 year old taking about coloring outside the lines: "Is bad, mama says no no." Especially since... as you correctly point out...... NOTHING SEEMINGLY CHANGES!

Originally Posted by ColePens View Post
And how anyone could say Shero needs canned is hilarious. There is no way in hell anyone could convince me of Shero needing to be fired. He puts amazing teams on the ice every year. That is just people being frustrated.
Clearly the amazing part is arguable. We don't play amazing hockey for one, and most the actually amazing parts of our roster were drafted by his predecessor. Lots of obvious flaws in our team haven't been dealt with for years, and I dare say that Shero has never had a successful Summer as a Penguins general manager. In the greater scheme of things, I still have faith in Shero and think him capable, but he certainly is no longer immune to criticism.

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