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Originally Posted by Miguel Sanchez View Post
Price steals plenty of games, he just doesn't stand on his head to do it, and as a result a lot of people don't realize just how good he is. Price doesn't stand on his head and force himself to make these acrobatic saves because he rarely as to, his positioning is just that good.

As for the last game he stole: February 3rd, 2013, against Ottawa
This. Price also has a lot of value adds that make him that much more of a valuable quantity. His puck handling skills are arguably the best of any goalie in the league whose name isn't Brodeur. His ability to play a lot of games in a season means we have to rely on our backup a lot less. He's a young guy and seems to be a good fit in the dressing room.

A lot of people say "I remember Roy being head and shoulders above the competition and Price isn't so Price sucks" but the truth of the matter is that the difference between the best starter in the league and the worst starter in the league has shrunk. Last season the best GAA for a starter (using >40 GP as the standard for a starter) was Quick at 1.95 and the worst was Mason at 3.39 (a difference of about one and a half goals a game). In 92-93 Potvin led the league with a 2.50 GAA (Roy was sixth for starters at 3.20) and Sidorkiewicz was the worst at 4.43 (a difference of two goals a game). Same goes for SV% - last year Lundqvist led the league with a .930 SV% and Mason was a league worst .901% (a difference of about 2.9%). In 1992 Curtis Joseph led the league with a .911 SV% (again Patrick was sixth at .894) and Sidorkiewicz was a league worst .856 (a difference of 5.5%). As that gap between best and worst shrinks the other skills that Price brings to the table - his puck moving skills, his ability to play a lot of games, hell - even his ability to clear his own crease from time to time - become more and more valuable.

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