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03-01-2013, 09:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Gnova View Post
Binge drinking with light beer....yeah.

Underage drinking has been reduced from the past. When I was a teenager I was able to buy booze at a vendor or LC from the time I was 15 with borrowed ID. We also started "clubbing" when we were sixteen using the same IDs. Can't do that anymore.
In making the access to drinking tougher what you've ended up seeing is a shift away from alcohol as the drug of choice. Pot is far more prevalent amongst the 15-20 crowd now than it used to be. It was always around for sure, but it was only the 'stoners' that were doing it (and I swear around our school there was just as much hash). But in talking with buddies who have kids in high school or work in the restaurant industry most kids seem to be opting into the 420 culture. Is that better than drinking underage? I dunno.

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