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03-01-2013, 09:25 AM
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Originally Posted by onice View Post
I don't usually agree with you but this time I do. Max scores two goals in one game and all of a sudden he's the 2nd best player from his draft and the next coming of John Leclair. Patches has a lot holes in his game. For one he has got to be one of the worse passers on this team and defensively he's no hot shot.

I really like Patches and what he does well but I'm not blind to the things he doesn't do well. For me right now Patches is behind Price, Subban, Chuckles and maybe even Gally.

Of the young players on this team when it comes to value I would place him on par with DD. And those two complement each other very well.
Give me a break...maybe down the road those two are going to surpass him but when they hit 30+ goals or 65 points or produce at a PPG clip, then we can have a discussion.

Totally hypocritical to drop Patches down a notch because "defensively he's no hot shot" and then say he's behind two rookies who (understandably) struggle mightily in their own zone.

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