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03-01-2013, 09:26 AM
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Let me add one more example:

Paul Martin is playing the way he is because Shero and Paulie himself held #7 accountable. Shero asked him if he wanted a trade because he was so bad. Paul stood up and said he wanted to live up to expectations. The reason he's playing with passion is because he challenged himself. Something I think Bylsma could be doing a lot better. But when you make mental errors and keep doing it - why would you change?

Originally Posted by Tender Rip View Post
That is just so simplistic Cole!
You are going to give Bylsma credit for saying the right things, because he can state that "we cannot take stupid penalties"?
Just the fact that the word stupid is in that sentence means that it is something every person alive can agree to as something obvious. Doing something stupid is stupid. The majority of the time what we hear from Dan isn't even intelligible.... its all about getting to our game. Who the hell even knows what it is now a days, because we have hardly seen the original blue print in action for consecutive games for a couple of years!

Either way, HE is the coach, and if HE never reacts to those players making taking stupid penalties or making terrible mistakes, thus standing him up and putting him in the hot seat, by demanding accountability through his actions, then HE is responsible for the fact that the 'culture of accountability' isn't there!
Indeed, when he (for instance) scratches rookies playing well instead of vets who don't - with regularity - then he does exactly the opposite. He is telling vets and rookies alike that accountability is not an issue.

And as for blaming the players making mistakes, which of course we must also do, then I just have to say that we have veered far away from the system he took over and the hockey that he was himself successful having this team play. It is also possible, is it not, that they are asked to execute a system or a style of play, that they simply cannot pull off?
Our breakouts are HIS. Our constantly flawed defensive pairings are HIS. HE is responsible for the frequently headscratch worthy ice time allocation. HE is responsible for our utterly simplistic and boring style of hockey these days. As the coach, HE is responsible for the room giving a damn and having a high compete level. I could go on and on.
No way we need to give credit to him for his brilliant analysis of what ails us, if his public description of those problems has the intellectual force of a 3 year old taking about coloring outside the lines: "Is bad, mama says no no." Especially since... as you correctly point out...... NOTHING SEEMINGLY CHANGES!
TR, you know I 100% agree with you. I'm reaching out to other posters who are screaming "fire Bylsma" and don't have reasons behind it. Your take is much more passionate than mine right now because I'm simply so tired of calling him out. There is nothing you said that I don't agree with. I think you nailed just about everything and people simply cannot argue you.

At least we knew the players stopped responding to MT because they hated him. For a group that loves Dan Bylsma, I laugh at how little they show it on the ice. You would think they'd want to keep him around and they are doing a damn good job of making him pack his bags.

Originally Posted by mpp9 View Post
Jeffrey, Vitale and Bennett were our best players last night. Perfect opportunity to hold a vet accountable and not have it directly affect our ability to win games. But I'm sure nothing will change.
Agreed. But we do know nothing will change.

Originally Posted by Jaded-Fan View Post
Perhaps. But by it's very definition, if it is actually the players not listening, then has the coach not lost the players which also is an issue with the coach? If some players are uncoachable whoever is the coach then with some notable exceptions should they not be replaced, and is that not the fault of the GM? The most obvious notable exception of course is Malkin. He will continue to make dumb drop passes to no one, continue to lose his temper and get baited, but except for trying to get through to him to temper that, you take the bad with the exceptional good.

But again, with a few notable exceptions, losing a team like you describe is on management and coaching as much if not more than it is on the players. If they can not change what the players are doing it is on them to recognize the issue and to fix or replace the problems. Especially when they go on for years, and despite change on the roster, the problems remain the same.

There is an old saying. If one person calls you an ass, do not worry about it. Two people? No worries. When the third person calls you an ass maybe you should begin wearing a saddle and giving people rides because you probably are one.

If these problems just popped up, no worries they can fix them. But they have been ongoing for years now and no fixes. At some point it is on management.
Once again.. I know the two people I agree with on this topic. TR and JF are spot on. That's when it gets hard for someone to actually defend our coach.

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