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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
Yes I agree. Only prudent to be flexible when unable to secure a majority owner or perhaps 2, 3 or 4 minority stake holders, to open it up (due dilly required of course). The NHL's constitution and a goodly number of its By-Laws applied with an uneven hand. More a matter of either strict interpretation & adjudication, black & white as any given situation evolves, or a matter of "interpretation" delivered in shades of grey.

The case of MLSE's positioning over Territorial Rights. The Rangers in wanting to control its website & web based activities independently. Group ownership. The approval process in applying for ownership whereby it was reported that Matthew Hulsizer would be rubber stamped for Phoenix, yet falls short of the mark in Missouri? That Winnipegs' arena up until about a year before the leagues hand was forced was too small to accommodate an NHL franchise. Copps erroneously painted as being unsuitable altogether. The list is endless. Little wonder people accuse the league of hypocrisy. Bettman doesnt help matters much either, obfuscates, combative, borderline sometimes if not full-on belligerent when responding to perfectly reasonable questions about such matters.

I totally agree with this analysis.

Concerning Bettman: He is a lawyer. He wants to have all the information and everyone else have none. It's not an insult to him, it's just the way lawyers tend to be and think.

Concerning everything else: I believe in the next 2 decades we will see a lot of things crashing in the NHL. As a league, they have always gone for the quick fix. So, an expansion team to Columbus because someone will pay the fee. Now, I have nothing against Columbus. However, if the team cries that they have to be in the East Conference to survive, it suggests that it might not have been the right place in the beginning. St Louis sells for a small amount, really, given that the team has been there 40+ years. Phoenix is a comedy of short-sighted errors. And, then, surprisingly, they endure a half-season lockout to get a new CBA, and the provisions in the new CBA with respect the Floor/Cap gap are such that we can all predict that they will have the same problems again in a few years. Toronto and Montreal and New York will grow revenue, the smaller market teams won't be able to keep up, they will have to spend to the floor and lose $$ doing it. It seems poor management.

With the slow economic recovery in the states, it seems logical to me that this parade can't continue. I am not sure what form it will take, but it looks like a lot of potential crumbling to me.

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