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Originally Posted by Lshap View Post
I've never been a Price groupie. Liked him, never loved him. And yeah - I also wondered why he so rarely 'stole games' for us.

But this year he's done exactly that. Not 'stole', as in he rescued the team after they were outplayed -- because as others have noted, we haven't been outplayed much -- but he HAS rescued games with saves that very, very other goalies would have made. He HAS shown laser-beam focus by stopping pucks through a mess of bodies. He HAS done a lot more than just 'not lose'. He HAS won games by being in position to keep the puck out of the net when most others would've let them in.

Price doesn't flail or swat or flop around. He's cool and composed. If he was a Starship captain he'd be Patrick Stewart, not William Shatner
This. Price is so positionally sound and his anticipation is off the charts(sorry for using a Pierre Mcguireism). He is just so in control of his game that he makes good scoring chances look like they aren't, this leads people to believe he is just making easy saves. It is not as sexy as a guy like Halak who is smaller and has to constantly make acrobatic saves to keep the puck out, many because he kicked out a poor rebound.

To me, Price looks like he is becoming the thoroughbred many of us believed he could be, and the team is reaping the rewards. Why hope he has to steal games?

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