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Originally Posted by Voodoo Child View Post
1) I laughed about five times. In the first two seasons I laugh more than that before the opening credits of most episodes. I know it's a character driven show, but it's also a comedy, comedies tend to sink or swim on how often they make you laugh.

2) Oh, the Germans are Nazis and everyone hates the main characters...what groundbreaking developments that have never been done before (either on this show or on others). That's not plot, those are story elements, and it's not even a solid story for BBT, let alone Community.

3) Also where the hell was Nick Kroll? He was the only one who made the original gag, which barely worked, passable.

4) In addition to not being funny, I feel (this is an overarching issue with the season as a whole so far) that there is no 'direction' that the show or the characters are heading. The fact that Jeff may graduate early was teased early in the first episode, but what else? Where's the urgency, where is the character development? Abed and Troy are still bumchums, okay, whatever (even if Abed brings zero value to the friendship), Annie likes Jeff (to be expected), Troy and Britta are dating now (WHAT!?), Pierce and Shirley have no storylines (also Chevy Chase has officially checked out). It's not a show about a group of misfits at a Community College anymore; it's about seven people who are funny, trying to make weak material funnier than it is.

5) 101-113, 115-122, 123-204, 206-217, 219, 221-310, 312-317, 319-322, 401-403...every single episode I just listed was better.

6) The worst tag they've ever done.

7) So everything is awesome because they returned to Greendale? Mixology Certification, Critical Film Studies, Remedial Chaos Theory and Curriculum Unavailable.

8) The way they brought Chang back (despite no one asking for it) was sloppy. The montage at the end of them making a new study room? Slapped on and lazy, like back when South Park used to lampshade their earlier episodes with those abominable 'You know what? I've learned something today...' speeches at the end.

9) About the only remaining plusses? Donald Glover and Joel McHale know how to elevate poor writing, Jim Rash is still hilarious and I still get to look at Alison Brie.

I get it bro, it's rough; I love this show, I have the first three seasons on DVD and I have watched them through at least 5 times. For 2.5 seasons, this was the freshest comedy on TV, and now it's just a shadow of what it once was, showing only occasional glimpses of its former glory. There's still time for a turnaround and a few great episodes to come out, but the way this season has unfolded (401: B-, 402: A-, 403: C, 404: D), I don't have too much faith in that happening, and will only be watching to see that everything gets wrapped up, and not because I expect to be blown away. All shows, and especially all comedies have an expiration date, and sadly, I think Community's was somewhere during that first hiatus.

You're free to challenge any of these points, but I'm sure you won't. If you'll excuse me, I need to watch Cooperative Calligraphy, Conspiracy Theories and Mixology Certification now.
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