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03-01-2013, 09:51 AM
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I really , really feel like MB is going for Perry hard. Especially after that Cole trade. It'd be awesome if he could unload Gionta too. Retain say, 40% of his salary. Maybe use him with Eller, Leblanc/Beaulieu and a conditional pick for Perry at the deadline. I think that's a pretty solid package. I'd only do it if he promised to resign though obviously.
If we signed him to 7mil and bought out Kaberle we'd still have a boat load to fill out our roster. I'd take a look at Clowe. If you can get him at 4-4.5 I'd take a shot. Otherwise no. Also, I'd offer Jagr a one year deal at his 4.55 salary now or whatever it is. I'm sure he'd love to play with Pleks on a sure fire playoff team in his final years. I know it sounds kinda nuts, but we actually have the space... Imagine this:



That's a cup contending lineup in my opinion. I gave each player a generous contract on cap geek and it worked out. Plus about 1m to sign/call up a 13th forward.
Obviously this is a pipe dream thing but it's fun to pretend. That lineup would wreak havoc. Big and skilled through an through.
jesus..that does look nice.....and for one year..yah...we could do it.........that`s how you get a window where your future and present stars are in their early contracts so u can take advantage of cap space to put towards veterans....a good gm creates these windows by addition through subtraction...erik cole to dallas being example number 1. Me like like it alot