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Originally Posted by Hippasus View Post
You think they should be treated the same for you. Fine. But I could make a list about what I think is the best in general just as well as I could my faves. They would probably overlap, but 'best' is subjective and tries to be objective as well. Whether it's actually objective may or may not be the case. Cheers.
That's fine. I'm not really crazy about that idea is all I'm saying, I wasn't trying to claim that people can't (that's why I redacted what I said/the way it sounded).

But I do have an inkling that using the word best that way makes it less meaningful than the word favorite. It's sort of like using a criteria you don't believe in. I kind of think that something being well-made shouldn't contribute to how "good" something is as much as how satisfying something is. From my perspective, I just don't think the first two should be synonymous with each other while the latter two should. You could try to be objective still and guess how satisfied others can be by something, but unless you feel similarly, it seems kind of disingenuous to me to try.

Using best to strictly mean most well made implies that there's a universally correct way to do film beyond just how you/others might respond to it-- and I don't like or care for that idea. That's all I'm saying

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