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03-01-2013, 10:09 AM
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Originally Posted by BigG44 View Post
Glove ... I think what you're saying is the opposite of what LT and Metal originally said. I agree with you that Dallas (not necessarily Joe since he could be gone) might want a guy you described. That's a reasonable point.

I don't agree with using Gulutzan's AHL past as a reason to discount Willie Desjardins. Just doesn't makes any sense to me. If you want to get down to the nitty gritty. Desjardins is an older coach with much more head coaching experience. He's had huge success in the CHL (specifically the WHL which I believe is the best of the three leagues). Honestly though ... I'm just starting to sound like I'm campaining for a particular guy, and that's not my goal.

Something probably is wrong with the coaching, but to me something bigger is wrong with the organization. Three coaching staffs and several player purges have yielded the exact same results. I hate that GM Joe's tenure with the exception of essentially one season .. a short one at that .. was marked by bankruptcy. Unfortunately, I find it hard to believe he holds his job if they don't make the playoffs. Coaching is obviously only a part of the overall problem.

That's why I've essentially changed my previous opinion , and we should probably expect some desperation/disappointing moves. GM Joe and Gully need to win at all costs probably, and I don't think that's whats best for the organization at this moment.
My take is that from the top down this organization needs eyes that have viewed it flail from the outside for a handful of years now. I actually think Willie will be a good NHL coach, and if he keeps up what he's doing he'll get that shot somewhere sooner or later.

I fear desperation moves too but honestly at this point I'm starting to view this team as a sort of sitcom that hangs around a few seasons after its best years. The writing has really gone downhill since 2008.

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