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03-01-2013, 10:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Sorinth View Post
The 82 points is irrelevant since the picks happened during his 55 and 64 point seasons. Kessel wasn't the only reason they finished as bad as they did, probably wasn't even the biggest. But people didn't predict a 29th place finish in part because Kessel was expected to be better than he was.
That's Burke's fault for thinking cause of his teams great pre season campain they were ready to compete. Acquiring Kessel wasn't the problem, the problem is he didn't do anything else besides that and should have surrounded him a lot better

Originally Posted by Sorinth View Post
We gave up a 2nd/3rd liner who was liklely going to be gone in a couple of years for an overpaid 2nd liner who was sent packing after a few years. It's basically a wash. It cost Molson money but the Habs nothing. We still went hard after UFAs like Brad Richards so clearly we had the go ahead to bury Gomez if need be so he didn't prevent us from aquiring anyone.

Toronto gave up a guy you can build around for a good to great complementary player. By the way comparing Kessels points to Seguin is not fair, you're comparing a guy whose was 18-19 to someone in their early-mid 20s. If you compare their first 2 years Kessel had 29 and 37 points. Seguin has produced 22 and 67.
Toonto gave up picks and didn't think they would finish that low, I didn't expect it either to be honest. Again it was a gamble and they did get a great player in Kessel but the problem was that besides getting him Burke did nothing else to improve the rest of the team, maybe the Lupul trade but i'm not even sure he expected that production out of him when he acquired him and at the time they even talked about Toronto just taking on a salary dump to get Gardiner

Originally Posted by Sorinth View Post
I don't see how Kessel and Seguin cancel each other out. How many here would trade Seguin straight up for Kessel.

As for McDonagh and Hamilton it's a toss up right now. They both have sky high potential. McDonagh has shown more in the NHL but is older and been in the league longer.

We may have gotten the worst asset back but we didn't give up the best player. It comes down to would you rather lose a dollar and get nothing, or lose 2 dollars and get 1 back.
Right now Kessel is a much better player and it's not that close. Inverse both players teams and see what happens. Seguin hasn't even been a factor in any Bruins games so far this year and even if Kessel is struggling a little i'd still rather him at this point

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