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Originally Posted by TwoPadStack View Post
I would be shocked if we head into next season with less than $6m in cap space, as proposed above.

The team will want as much freedom as possible for the summer of 2014.
In that conversation my idea is predicated on O'Reilly & Stastny signing extensions this off-season. Maybe even Duchene and Landeskog as well. At that point we would know what our cap structure looks like.

If Stastny will take 5.5M and O'Reilly will take 5M AAV, it gives us another 1M to add to the 4M we need in order to give raises to Duchene & Landeskog.

After next season I fully expect the cap to stagnate for maybe a year and then start to rise again. Everyone came back in droves for this half season, and with half decent growth and our core guys locked up. We can handle the raises needed as well as do things like get rid of Jones's 4M if need be.

I've done the math, but it's based on some hopeful but reasonable ideas for player salaries. It's a possibility IF...

Now if Duchene want's 7M and Stastny isn't willing to take a small paycut, yeah it's a crap shoot. But all the major salary adding moves are done after July 1st which makes it more realistic.

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