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03-01-2013, 10:57 AM
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I feel your pain when it comes to sticks.

(reference: 6'2" - 185lbs)

Granted, I have been playing for a lot less time than you have, but I just cannot find a stick that I feel "at home" with.

My first stick was a wood Sherwood 9550 Coffey. Really stiff with a 105 or a 110 flex. I didn't cut it down, either, so it was really long, longer than I should have been using as a beginner. With that stick, I was great at poke checks, but really, nothing else.

The next stick was a cheapo clearance Warrior Bentley composite Savard. It was about 3" shorter, 95 flex, and the passing was a lot easier with it. With that stick, I had a wicked backhander, decent passing, but could not elevate a forehand shot to save my life. The thing that caused me to retire this "unbroken" stick is that the toe started cracking.

On a whim, I went back to the Sherwood Coffey curve but in a fiberglass/composite with a flex of 90. There was a special on Total Hockey where a previously priced at $120 dropped to $80. Then, the next friday, they ran a BOGO. I picked up two of them and was given an extra from a friend that also used the same deal on the same stick/curve. For a total of three.

With this stick, I can elevate shots relatively easily, my backhand is back, but not as good as with the Warrior Savard, but the biggest gripe is the *vibration*. Receiving a pass, making a pass, taking a shot, poke checking... Very vibraty...

I cut one of them down 3" to use when I play forward. I use an un-cut when I play D. The difference is clear between the two lengths, but I still can't get truly comfortable with the amount of vibration in the stick. Plus, I recently broke one of D-length sticks, and had to grab my never used in a game back up (small, local company) that is supposed to be similar to the Warrior Savard, but full composite.

Vibration was completely gone with that stick, but started really whiffing on making crisp tape to tape passes that I can make with the Sherwood Coffey. When I got home, I compared the small company "close to Savard" curve and it was NOTHING like the Warrior stick, currently retired.

In the mean time, I picked up a Mikken BP23 (again, on clearance) with a 70 flex. I took it out for warmups before my last game and here is what I learned; No vibration. Crisp passes. Receives a pass smoothly and cleanly. NO backhand elevation. NO forehand elevation. Every single thing I tried ended up with the puck staying flat on the ice. I could not get ANYTHING to rise with it.

I love this stick for when I play defense at my level, but if I play forward, it will "get benched", for the cut-down Sherwood.

If I were consistently at D or consistently at forward, my choices would be clear. However, trying to find a good blend?

I think I am going to have to pick up a Warrior Savard again...

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