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03-01-2013, 11:03 AM
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Originally Posted by DumFries View Post
Both trades were pretty loop-sided. However, the Gomez trade could be classified as the worst trade of the decade. The Rags were able to go after Gaborik by unloading Gomez, the bum. They also grabbed a future top 4 D, McDonaugh. The Rags got their hands on Higgins who had 20 goal seasons three years back to back except for his last season. The Habs aslo gave up on Valentenko, a very good prospect who currently plays for the Rags farm team. Fortunately, Higgins didn't work in New York. The Habs were depleted of their best trade assets.

No players coming back from this trade are currently playing for the Habs. Gomez was an overpaid bum and Pyatt was a decent third - fourth liner who played like a second liner. But, the Habs let him go. Michael Busto, as his name suggested had BUST written all over him. Gomez is still paid by the Habs to sit at home, although the Sharks gave him a job.

The Habs did go on to sign Cammy and Gionta but the team overpaid. By doing so, the Habs became the smallest team of the league. The Habs were extremely lucky to reach the Conference Final that year. Great goaltending and opportunistic goals brought them there. Philly run all over them. Cammy was traded away for another hefty contract, that of Bourque's. Patrick Holland looks like a good asset. Gionta is still with the team but his best years are behind him. I don't think Gionta can fetch a good return.

In Kessel, the Leafs got a player who can produce 80 points a season and is still with the team.
If Gionta and Cammy came here because of Gomez (and let's face it, it was the cash that got them here) then that's all the more reason why it was a fail for us. It kept us mediocre and kept us from rebuilding. Plus we're still stuck with Gionta.

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