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03-01-2013, 11:25 AM
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So, I am probably over thinking again, but to go back to the first things:
1) It's really all about $$, especially local $$.
2) That means having seats in the building paid for, and it means local TV.
3) Local TV means that we don't want to stretch more than one TZ away for most games.
4) The home/home with everyone seems to be in every proposal of the PA and the League.

Time Zone breakdown:
ETZ - 16
CTZ - 6
MTZ - 3.75 (Phoenix for most of the year)
PTZ - 4.25

More - Points for ingenuity on the 3-conference system. I do believe, however, that it's too for out of the box. And, it still mandates Minnesota and Winnipeg to play across 2 TZs, plus the PTZ teams to play them as well. Likely therefore it wouldn't even be proposed in a BoG meeting.

Since there are 30 teams, it seems we need a 15/15 split somehow, to make the playoffs equitable.

Conclusion: We have big problems. No matter how we do anything, someone from the ETZ is going to have to play mostly in the CTZ.

Further conclusion: If PHX moves this year, it likely is to QUE (if they don't move until next year, then SEA comes stronger in play, as least in my view)

PHX to QUE means:
ETZ - 17
CTZ - 6
MTZ - 3
PTZ - 4

Or, bigger problems yet because now we have to move 2 ETZ teams to the CTZ division.

There are lots of justifications for any arrangement that is anyone' favorite. Detroit and Columbus seem the likeliest candidates, but neither wants the job.

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