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03-01-2013, 12:27 PM
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The mysterious Novotny (Calling all SVK NT experts)

So I'm a collector of MIA/Warrior hockey gloves from various hockey leagues.

My latest pickup is a pair of extremely rare MIAs from the 2006 Olympic Games in Italy. Now on the cuffs are ''NOVOTNY''. The seller says to me they are Jiří Novotný's which I say ''No way, it doesn't work like that. Jiří is Czech, not Slovak''. He insists they are from Jiří. I can't see a company making a pair of gloves for a person from the wrong country.

So I began to dig to see who this other Novotný is. Obviously there were no Novotnýs on the 2006 Olympic team. I even went through and looked at every player on the roster to see if he was wearing these with the wrong name, no matches.

So I dig to find the only other Slovak player named Novotny in this time from was Andrej Novotny. He's a defenseman that played from 1999 to the present in the Czech league with average success. To my knowledge, he was never on a Slovak National team.

So my only guess is that Andrej was a National Team camp invite and was made gloves for it? Maybe he was one of the last defenseman to get cut?

Does anyone else have any ideas on who this Novotny was? The timeframe is probably from 2005-2007 for these gloves. Any earlier or later they would of been different.

The gloves in question. D'akujem!

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