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03-01-2013, 11:27 AM
Gross Misconduct
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Originally Posted by CobraAcesS View Post
To be fair to the Avs side of it... It wasn't 'other teams' it was Jay Feaster. lol Honest, I'm totally willing to gamble on him being ready to take a longer term 5M AAV contract as long as he earns it.

The scary thing is if he does not and earns something more like 4M AAV, does he take that long term or take the 6.5M Q/O or at least the 5.525 arbitration award? THAT is the scary side of things...
Originally Posted by Ronaldo View Post
Another TEAM, as there was only one team willing to pay him his inflated demands. All it took is a ********, desperate gm. O'Reilly won (i'm quite happy as well) but lets not make him out to be the good guy in all this.
You guys are joking, right?

You think the Flames were the only team in the NHL ready to give O'Reilly his "demands($5m per)"? Anybody who traded for him was going to give him that contract, it was set in his agent's head and he knew it was going to happen.

Yes, the Flames are ********($6.5m) and the Avs are tight assed($3.5m), but the majority of the league is in the middle. You do the math. Teams were going to pay O'Reilly his $5m per.

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