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03-01-2013, 11:32 AM
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Originally Posted by TwoPadStack View Post
You guys are joking, right?

You think the Flames were the only team in the NHL ready to give O'Reilly his "demands($5m per)"? Anybody who traded for him was going to give him that contract, it was set in his agent's head and he knew it was going to happen.

Yes, the Flames are ********($6.5m) and the Avs are tight assed($3.5m), but the majority of the league is in the middle. You do the math. Teams were going to pay O'Reilly his $5m per.
You do realize it's the 6.5M that people have a problem with right? Because of the Q/O problem it causes. O'Reilly signed that and had to know the leverage it would give him. As if a 5M guarantee wasn't enough?

You also see nothing but HF posters focusing on that 6.5M, I've already gotten annoyed with it on a few occasions. As if his cap hit is 6.5M not 5M.

Regardless, the 6.5M second year is what has people choking on this. No one believes hes going to be worth that NEXT year. But if he really is crazy he can force us to pay it, and it also drives his trade value into the fN dirt as well.

He signed for his bed and now he is going to have to lye in it, until he proves us otherwise.

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